Services And Pricing

Many Gunsmithing Jobs are Custom and Will Require a Quote. Please Contact Us For a Quote and Turnaround Time For Your Specific Customizations. 

Sight And Scope/ Optic Installation 
Most Guns $65
Glock Sight Install $55
Springfield XD Sight Install $80
1911 Sight Install $60-80 (Price Varies on sight Manufacturer)
(All Sight Installs are Laser Bore-Sighted)
Scope Mounting $90
Red Dot Mounting $60
(All Scope/ Optic Installs are Laser Bore-sighted)

Parts Installation

Standard Parts Install for Pistol $65 
Apex Trigger Kit Install for MP SHIELD, MP9, CORE, MP Variants $75
(SD9VE, SD40VE Prices Vary Depending on Kit)
Glock Parts Install $25 Per Part

Detail Cleaning 

Pistol $110 (Depending On Condition)
Rifle/Shotgun $130 ( Depending On Condition)
Glock Detail Cleaning $90
If Signs of Rust, Prices Increase

Inspection And Test Fire
Most Guns $90
(Cost Of Labor/Ammo Not Included)

Custom Work
Glock Complete Stipple Package $400
Glock Optic Cut $200
Standard Hourly Rate $90/hr

AR Work

Upper Install $75
Headspace Check $35
Upper Removal $70 ($55 If Removing with Upper Install)
Lower Parts Install $65
Pin And weld Service $70
Pin And Weld Removal $55
Front Sight Base (FSB) Removal $70+ (Price Varies On Manufacturer)
Upper Receiver Blueprint Service $6
Barrel Cut and Thread $160


CZ Work
CZ 75 Pro Package w/ Parts $585
Action Job $265
Feed Ramp/Chamber Polish $80
Barrel Bushing Install W/ Part $100
CZ P-07/P-09 Pro Grade Package W/ Parts $480

1911 Work
Action Job $265
Trigger Job W/ New Parts $530
Feed Ramp/Chamber Polish $80
Magwell Blending w/ Smith & Alexander Magwell $375 
(Does not Include Refinishing)
1911 Misc. Parts Fitting (Call For Quote)

Machine Work
Barrel Cut $160
Barrel Crowning $100
Novak Cut on 1911 Slides $250
Misc. Parts Milling (Starting $80)
(Call For Machine Work Quote)